Winnipeg Warehouse & Distribution

3 Facilities, 1 Million Square Feet

Modern 24' Ceiling Construction

Sprinklers, Fences, Alarms, Video Surveillance

Winnipeg Warehouse and Distribution operates 3 facilities in Winnipeg totaling almost 1 million square feet.

Of modern cinder block construction, heated and sprinklered, our facilities are located in the Highway #59 and TransCanada #1 transportation corridor, just north of the CN intermodal yard, providing easy access to all points inside and outside of Winnipeg.

Fences, alarms, and video surveillance allow the facilities to be C-TPAT verified.

Our staff of experienced warehouse professionals can handle almost any commodity using a fleet of specialized material handling equipment.

  • Racked and Bulk Dry Heated Storage
  • Secure Outside Storage
  • Short Term, Long Term and Seasonal Storage
  • Lot, Batch, Barcoded, FIFO, LIFO, and expiry date inventory management
  • Repacking, Assembly, Picking and Distribution
  • Cross Docking
  • Pre-delivery Assembly and Inspection
  • CN and CP Container Service
  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation Services
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Real Time Inventory Reporting
  • EDI Data Exchange
  • Barcoding
  • Client Office Rentals
  • Liquidation of Distressed and Excess Inventories through our associated Factory Outlet operation

Taking advantage of Winnipeg Warehouse and Distribution's flexibility of space, equipment and people allows you to control your costs even when business levels fluctuate. Our professional warehousing and distribution services remove all of the complexities from your inventory storage requirements.

Winnipeg Warehouse and Distribution has a track record of working closely with clients, of understanding their warehouse and storage needs and developing a cost effective solution geared specifically to their product and market requirements. Winnipeg Warehouse and Distribution assists our clients with reducing inventory costs while improving delivery service, customer satisfaction, and bottom line performance.

Reduces capital expenditure while providing a scalable warehouse operation.

Ease of entering new markets. Store local or regional stock for key customers.

Stage product for Just-In-Time or Seasonal requirements.

Inventory is handled and managed by experienced professionals without adding to payroll.

Deconsolidation and regional distribution reduces transportation costs.

Winnipeg Warehouse and Distribution
630 Kernaghan Avenue
Winnipeg Manitoba R2C 5G1
Phone 204.988.2087
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